Friday, March 14, 2014


It's "Pi"e day. I forgot all about it until Bill reminded me when he came home from work with a McDonald's Apple Pie and a Shamrock shake!

On top of both of those wonderful treats, it was also a beautiful day. It got to 50 degrees! The snow is finally melting. It was sunny. I didn't even wear a coat when I ran out to the store.

Our fireplace is finally repaired.

Last year, on this day, this photo was taken.

I had no hope of seeing any crocus today, but then given the temperature, when I checked the mail I glanced over at the spot closest to the house where the majority of the croci are planted.

Sure enough! There are green stems coming out of the ground. One little patch even had purple buds just like those above. They aren't as upright, the cold has wilted them. But there is green.

When Bill let Atticus out this morning, he declared that he could smell spring.

I believe him.

Then I passed a dead skunk on the road.

That's another sign of spring.


Today I have an abundance of thanks.

For the crocus, for the smell of spring, for apple pies (even if they weren't pie shaped), for repaired fireplaces (yes, we see the irony of the warmer weather), for Shamrock shakes and for Bill because it was an amazing gesture.

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