Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fun in Chicago

First we stopped by Jersey Junction. They opened on March 1st, but since Sami's Speedy Shuttle Service picked me up at 6:30am JJ wasn't open yet. No worries, Sami is the best and had ice cream that we ate outside. In the snow. Only a true ice cream lover in Michigan is crazy enough to do that. 

That would be me.

We made it to Chicago by 10:30am (local time). We stopped by a donut shop for some gluten free donuts for a friend of Sami. Sami also picked up a dozen donuts for us.

From there we picked up Tricia. We ate lunch at Gino's and then went to the John Hancock building and went up to the observation deck. Here are my photos.
 That's Navy Pier and the frozen Lake Michigan.
 Looking north up Lake Shore Drive.
 My selfie for Instagram. I love heights.

(No, I don't.)
 The Sears/Willis Tower in the background.
From there we walked down to Millennium Park and took pictures in front of the Cloud Gate.

After we stopped to get coffee, we drove to the CSM site located at North Park University. We checked in and unpacked. We had dinner at a Columbian restaurant then we took our prayer tour. I never knew there were different prayer tours; we took the West Side Prayer tour. I will admit that I didn't get everything out of the prayer tour that I could have because I was driving Big Red (our fifteen passenger church van). It was snowing. The wipers kept freezing up. The defrost only worked with the fan on high. I could see out of 30% of the windshield at any given time. I focused on driving, avoiding potholes (or as we started calling them; "big", "bad", "pot" or "hole"), listening to Sarah, our host, tell me where to turn, stopping at stop signs (many are hidden behind large vehicles parked too close to the corner), and keeping the van shiny side up.

We bought new wipers the next day. It made a world of difference.

I digress, after the prayer tour, we went to bed. That was Saturday.

I was thankful for Shawn who kept jumping out when we would stop to try to knock the ice off the wipers.

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