Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gone Fishin'

No, not really. I don't fish. I don't eat fish. I don't hook worms on fish hooks. I don't fish.

I'm off with the college/young adults on another spring break mission trip. This year we're headed to sunny, tropical, wait for it, Chicago!

After last year's incident, I will not be taking my laptop with me. I will blog about our trip when I return.

We left this morning at 7am. Send us good thoughts or prayers while we're gone. We'll return late (midnight) Tuesday night.

It's a shorter trip because Illinois state law requires TB tests for individuals working with children for more than two days. It's very complicated. Needless to say, we're coming back a day early. I'll be back to blogging Wednesday.

For the time while I'm gone, know that I'll be thankful each night that I crawl into bed for sleep.

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