Friday, May 2, 2014

a retreat for confirmation

I am headed off for a retreat with the Jr. High. It's the last one for the Confirmation year.

It has been a good year. Our curriculum has made it oh so easy.

I'm not even stressed about the retreat. I have cut out stoles for each person to paint. I have a couple of lists of things I need to gather, but all of those items are in my closet in the church. I have snacks ready to put in the car. Really, all I have to do is load up the car.

I don't think I'll blog while I'm at the camp where we'll be staying. First, we're on Lake Michigan, the same place the Women at First had their retreat back in March.

I hope the ice and snow has melted. If not, I'll take pictures! Because we'll be so close to the lake, the chance of having service is minimal. Plus, I won't have internet access.

And I'll also be busy trying to keep ten Jr. High students from doing what Jr. High students do.

Annoy the other leaders.

Just kidding.

They like to annoy each other.

Except they really don't. I've bragged before about how amazing this group of students has been. They continue to amaze me. We helped with the Second Best Sale intake last Sunday and those students worked.

We'll be making Mother's day gifts next week. And then we're done! It's the end-of-the-year party on the 18th. Except Confirmation continues until June 8th, Confirmation Sunday which also happens to be Pentecost.

Today I'm thankful for the authors of the curriculum. They made it so easy.

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