Saturday, May 24, 2014

summer sales

It's the season for yard sales or garage sales. (My dad can be heard saying, "Look, they're selling their yard/garage!")

I'm not a yard/garage saler. I feel like those who are have a "sense" about where to find them. There can be little to no signage and if you set it out, they will come. It amazes me. It's as though they can smell it.

I'm not making fun, I'm actually getting to the point that those who do hold yard/garage sales need to work on their signage. I'm not a graphic designer, but I did go to art school; please make better signs. No one can read your thin-lined sharpie attempt at "Yard Sale". You may as well be whispering it. Bold letters people. Go over those lines several times with the fattest marker you can find. Then, tape it on the the wall across the room and back up until you're twenty feet away.

Can you read it now?

Good, now run past it because cars are usually going five times faster than that and if your letters are bold enough, and large enough for you to read standing in your living room, the driver of the car may have a slight chance of realizing there's a yard/garage sale down your street and can safely turn without causing an accident because they had to come to a complete stop to read your thin-lined sign.

But it hardly matters because they can find the sale blindfolded due to that "sense". I'm the only one who doesn't appreciate the under-bolded (I just made that up) signage.

Wait, I have a better idea, hire me! I'll make your sign. Give me a sharpie and I'll make it stand out so it can be read from space. (Not really, but cars coming down the road won't miss regardless of their yard/garage sale sense.)

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