Saturday, May 10, 2014

flowers, the new camera and different lighting

I went outside after I blogged last night and used the last of the evening sun to take some pictures. Then I went out again this morning. I wanted to compare pictures. Here are the photos from last night:
 These tulips are in the front yard.
 This one is also in the front yard and is the only one this color.
 These are the tulips I was talking about in yesterday's blog.
 This is in the backyard and is the only one like it.

And here are the pictures from this morning (the light was better):

Yellow tulips through the flowering quince.
The yellow, pink, and red tulips in the backyard.
The same tulip in the backyard that I took the photo of last night.
The Bleeding Heart (which is behind the garage and I always forget about it).
The sunlight creeping into the backyard.

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