Sunday, May 11, 2014

the chocolate muffins

I just finished reading my BH&G April issue. There is a section on baking muffins and several recipes. One of them is a dark cocoa muffin with banana. I looked through the ingredients and realized I had everything I needed to bake them. Since I am going to visit my parents, I thought they might like to help me eat the chocolate muffins if I made a batch.

I started baking them while Bill talked to his mom for Mother's Day.

I must have been paying more attention to their conversation than my baking.

I got the muffins in the oven and was feeling really good about the whole thing until I looked at the counter and saw the brown sugar sitting there.

Brown sugar that was supposed to go into the muffin mix, but didn't.

Brown sugar that had been sitting there the whole time. Right in front of me.

What could I do? The muffins were already in the oven.

I tried googling it, but apparently Google doesn't know what to do when one forgets to add the sugar.

I decided that they would either turn out okay or not at all and there was nothing I could do until they had finished baking.

It turns out that they turned out okay. I can only surmise that the muffins are relatively tasty because of the cocoa. And it turns out they're healthy since they're sugar free. I do recommend serving them with honey or even ice cream. But they really are okay, just on their own.

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