Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the escape artist

The other day Bill, Heather, and I were standing outside in the backyard. Heather was loading her truck with the flowers she bought while she was in town. Bill and I were helping as much as we could.

One of us had just gone inside and when we came back out, we didn't slide the screen shut all the way. Juliette was sitting inside the door, looking forlornly at us. Bill and I watched as she stuck her paw in that small opening. She got the screen open far enough that she stuck her head through. She looked surprised at what she had just discovered.

Before she could take another step, Bill and run over and shooed her back inside. We thought it was just a one-time thing.

Later that night, when Bill and I were ready to go to bed, he looked over at the sliding glass door and realized the screen was open!

I immediately assessed the situation. Juliette was gone.

We both went outside and started calling for her.

She was not in the backyard. I walked around the corner of the house, on the driveway side, and there she was. Sniffing around the side door as though freedom were her new-found friend.

The screen has a lock on it, but it gets bent. Needless to say, I bent it back and now the screen locks again.

I'm thankful that she didn't go too far.

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