Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Skylar

Skylar turned fifteen today!!! Wow, where has the time gone?

I was there visiting last week and I took more pictures. Guess where they are? Still on my camera! And now I'm not home to retrieve them. I'll get them posted. This one is pretty sad or at least pathetic. Skylar hurt her knee last Sunday playing soccer. She is waiting to schedule a MRI to see how seriously hurt it is. It could be a torn meniscus. In the meantime she has a brace and crutches.

Mom, Dad, Bill and I gave her a sweet pair of headphones. They are not Beats, they are better than those. These are high quality. She let me listen to them. They are really amazing. She had the music turned up and I could not hear any outside noise once I put them on. When she was wearing them, you could not hear the music coming through the headphones. We had a dance party. Okay, she did not dance, but Spencer and I did. It was fun.

At any rate, she is a pretty amazing and special person and I'm very thankful that she is my niece!

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