Monday, May 12, 2014

just because days

If you read about our trip to Vegas (starting here), I mentioned that I did some baking and cooking for Bill's family.

Since I'm visiting my family for a few days, I thought I would do some cooking and baking for them. I offered two choices for dinner: Four Cheese Macaroni and Meatloaf or Lasagna, Caesar Salad and The Bread. Dessert will be Vanilla Rich Chip Cake.

The winning dinner is lasagna, salad and the bread. Yum!

Mom and I went to the store tonight to buy the ingredients. I can't forget the sugar this time, because there isn't any to add! (The cake uses a box mix, shh don't tell anybody. But it's so good, it doesn't matter.)

I'm thankful for dinner choices and spending time with family for birthdays, Mother's day and just because days.

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  1. HI, Em. Can you share your recipe for the Rich Vanilla Chip cake? It sounds delicious~