Monday, May 5, 2014

silly dates

Today is Cinco de Mayo which the media is reminding us is not Mexico's Independence day, but a silly made-up American holiday. But it does have to do with a battle and keeping the French from taking over (you can read about it here). I'm not even part Mexican, but I do celebrate gastronomically.

Tonight, I made the Mexican Skillet. Onion, chorizo, sausage, pinto beans, tomato, and corn make for the basis of the dish. Top it with cheese and serve it with lime, avocado and sour cream. Yum! It made plenty of leftovers too. I may have to make some burritos out of it.

More importantly, yesterday was the 4th. And, when you think about it, can be best summed up by saying, "May the 4th… be with you."

Every year I forget May the 4th. While I don't consider myself a Star Wars fanatic, I do know the movies pretty well. Maybe next year I'll remember May the 4th.

On another silly holiday note, Sandwich week is coming. I should start planning which sandwiches I'll be making.

I'm thankful for food, and my love of fixing it.

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