Tuesday, May 24, 2011

picture tour of Savannah

It's probably best to go by day, as quick and short as it was. When we got there on Friday, we went down to River Street and ate at Spanky's. We walked up and down the entire thing looking for the Candle Factory where we bought the candle we used in our wedding only to discover they have gone out of business (apparently). Sad.


It doesn't look that big, so Megan and I stood next to the tree for scale. Now you can see how majestic it truly is...

Fried green tomatoes

Fried Pickles

Low country boil

the dock outside the restaurant

the pelican


Trinity Church drain

Trinity Church
the fountain at Forsyth

Poetter (aka Preston) Hall, the first building at S.C.A.D.

Andrew Low House

Bonaventure Cemetery (and contenders for more pictures to print and hang in our living room)


the Globe

Magnolia tree in bloom

close up of the bloom

historic cars outside of the historic Police Station

The photos of the friends we were visiting will be "back published" in the posts I already wrote. Enjoy!

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