Monday, May 9, 2011

Fairy Godmother

I am the proud Godmother of Genevieve Bryce Hall, Alisha and Brad's newest addition. She joined this world on March 24th at 9:47 pm.

I called Alisha today to catch up and she asked if I would be Genna's Godmother. I am honored and thrilled! I am not the Godparent to anyone else. I only know part of what this means. I think I need to call Alisha back and find out what she and Brad expect from me. Like; do I go there for her baptism? Who's the Godfather (well that has a lot of jokes behind it)?

We hope to see the entire family next year, when we hope to travel to Austin to see the new US Formula 1 race. I hope I get to meet Genna before then.

Yup, I need to call Alisha again soon. (Although she did tell me she reads my blog, so hey 'Lish, can you answer my questions here or would you rather talk on the phone again?)


  1. I'll give you a call soon. Maybe tomorrow?

  2. haha, tomorrow as in today? I looked at your time stamp, which should be my time, not yours. Today (Thursday) would be great! Tomorrow (Friday) I'll be gone for most of the day, so if I don't talk to you today, I'll call you tomorrow afternoon! :)