Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I ate too much

Bill and I have been very good in that we haven't eaten out too much. Last night we made an exception because Tuesday is grocery/Meijer shopping day. We have food (in the freezer) and one of us probably could have whipped something up, but the kitchen was a slight disaster from Saturday. Bill set out to tear out the strip of plastic along the counter top and "back splash" and replace it with caulk (since he's now mastered the caulk). That was fine by me. He did that on Saturday, and got the new caulk down on Sunday. Everything from the counter was still spread throughout the kitchen and dining room. Needless to say, neither of us felt like cleaning it up, only to have to cook and then clean up after dinner. We deserved a break.

While we were walking we discussed where we should go for dinner. Bill said Arnie's and I had been thinking it, so we agreed. Then I remembered the Turkish restaurant where I had met Pat (a Quotarian) for dinner one night. It's out in Ada, but it was delicious. That is where we went (it's called Zeytin, which is apparently the Turkish word for Olive; they want to extend the olive branch to you, and invite you in).

I remembered what I had last time, the lamb shish-kabobs. I wanted to try something different, I had liked it a lot, but knew everything on the menu would be delicious. I ordered the Lamb Hummus (I don't eat lamb very much, so why not?) and Bill had the Special (a little bit of everything). My plate came out and it was covered in shredded lamb in a tomato sauce on hummus. Oh my.

They bring you a basket of pita bread, so of course I took the pita and filled it with my lamb and hummus dish. It was divine. Very similar to Greek food, and the Mediterranean that we love.

I ate the whole plate. I should have stopped and gotten a box. I mean really, the entire plate was covered with lamb. But I didn't. I ate it all. It was too good.

Flashback to the walk when I stated that I didn't want to eat too much...

Later, in the middle of the night when I woke up sweating, and still very full with my stomach making all kinds of weird noises, did I regret my decision. I learned my lesson and from now on I will stop and bring some home. There is nothing wrong with leftovers.

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