Sunday, May 15, 2011

blue-ray h8ta'

It's hata, not hater. That's too harsh. I believe that about the word "hate". However you feel about the word is not the point of my blog. The point is that I'm not a fan of blue-ray players. Their digital quality removes any disbelief that the movie is not shot entirely in front of a green screen. I am disappointed every time I see "how real it looks" because it looks anything but real.

Yesterday, along with the new cable box, Bill bought a new dvd player. Excuse me, a blue-ray player. They are not the same thing. A blue-ray player will play dvd's but a dvd player cannot play a blue-ray disc.

I truly enjoy technology. The advances and comforts we have due to new inventions is immense beyond comprehension. However, I wish "they" could just pick one. And by pick one, I mean let me the consumer decide what I want. Now I have to watch movies that used to look like movies on a player that makes them look digital. Every background looks fake, and everything looks two-dimensional. And no. I will not buy a three-dimensional tv. If I want to see something in three-dimensions I go watch a play. Live, in a theater.

Why? Why can't the consumer decide what we want? Maybe I still want to watch everything in black and white (okay, I really don't but I also do not like to be told what to do). I at least wanted just a dvd player, not a blue-ray. I just don't like how the movies "look".

Maybe I'll start watching stuff on my computer... too bad the sound on it is poor. Maybe it's time to buy a Mac again. Finally.

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