Saturday, May 7, 2011

blue jean baby

Bill has a habit (addiction, obsession, ritual) of naming his blog posts after songs. I think he had hoped someone would notice. I'm sure readers have, but no one has actually commented (at least not on his blog) about them.

Sometimes my mind works like that too. We sing a lot of things. Just this morning I sang the newly written, "I will get a new kitchen someday" song. We're still looking for someone to actually write the verses, the music and then produce it, record it and then be the label... it'll makes us millions. Of pennies. Or tears. It's not really that good. We'll stick to writing blogs.

So the title comes into this post (really, I do have a point) in that it is referencing my jeans. I have exactly three pair. Now I know some people will gasp at this fact. My dear husband points out that he only has one pair he can wear out in public. He would have more if he stopped using his "good" jeans to do yard/house/car work in them. He still has more jeans than I do, good or "work". I have two pair for yard/house work and they are both riddled with so many holes that I might as well make them shorts. Literally the bottom half of the legs are falling off. I don't understand how that happens. Why some jeans wear more in the knees than others. I am not on my knees doing anything.

Let's review, the total amount of blue jeans I have are five. Two aren't worthy of the public scene and out of the three good pairs, one is about to become "hole"y.

I ask you, dear bloggers, am I allowed to buy more? Is five enough? Am I being materialistic? How many jeans should a 30-something female American own??? Thank you for your thoughts.


  1. As I just now exclaimed to my dear wife, I DO NOT wear my good clothes when I work around the house! I did one time when I got much deeper into a project than I thought and I did it absentmindedly in good clothes. This was more than 5 years ago (as many as 8 years ago)! I hereby declare statute of limitations on this topic and wish never to hear of it again. Thank you.

  2. You can buy as many pairs of jeans as you want! I have 17 pairs. Granted, 2 have holes that need to be repaired and 1 is a pair of capri's, but each has it's own specific purpose and I am not ashamed of having that many pairs. I live in jeans, for the most part, and love 'em. Go for it! Having at least 10 pairs is totally reasonable!

  3. Thanks Kelly!!! That helps a lot. I have always wondered just how many pairs I should (could/want/need) have. Having just three didn't seem like enough. And since I enjoy working from home, I live in jeans too. Thanks for sharing (and not being ashamed of 17)!!