Saturday, May 21, 2011

the last day

We started out eating breakfast, Scott made it and I'm sure Bill struggled through that (he's so used to cooking big breakfasts) but it was delicious!! Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and strawberries. Then we headed out to see some old favorite spots.

We found "Majestic Oak" (pictured below and in this post) and stopped at Wormsloe to take pictures. We even stopped and saw Miss Ima (who's now living in her own apartment at a senior home). Allison was finished with work at noon, so we came back here to wait for her (she actually beat us home). We decided we would have a little snack and had some ribs that Scott smoked the other night. We're headed out to Hilton Head for some shopping and we'll eat an early dinner at the Skull Creek Boathouse.
It's hot here, in the 90's, we're just chillin' inside for awhile. This is a good way to end the world. I'll go back to my regular diet on Monday. Or not. We keep making jokes about the end. Something is on fire (lots of things really, mostly the forests and swamps -it's dry here too) and we finally decided that the end is here and it's slowly burning. Hey, the devil went down to Georgia... maybe it's all going to start (end??) here. Who knows. Stop back tomorrow and there'll be another post.

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