Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the thirteenth friends

I went to Kalamazoo to visit a fellow Quotarian (she's the current the President of the club there). We met at our Annual Conference last year, hosted by the Flint club held in Frankenmuth (which is why as hosts this year we're holding it in Holland). Nancy and I discovered we have a lot in common and agreed to get together. She came to Grand Rapids first. It was June or July and we went to Meijer Gardens and had lunch at Marie Catribs. We had a great time and agreed that I should come visit Kalamazoo soon.

We decided that Friday, the 13th of August was good for both of us and while we mentioned Friday the 13th, neither of us had a problem with that superstition.

She took me to the Museum (it's free!) and we saw the costume exhibit along with an interesting post card exhibit. We ate lunch at a fun local organic restaurant (Food Dance). She showed me the historic houses in Kalamazoo (Yes! There really is such a place). Another good time.

She came back this spring to see the butterflies at Meijer Gardens, this time on April Fools day. She let me know that she had time off that she needed to use this spring. We decided I should go there again to see the permanent Kalamazoo history exhibit at the museum (it was closed last year for renovations). I came home and looked at my calendar and we picked a date.

Only a couple days ago when I pulled up the old email that had directions to her house did I notice the date I visited her last August. And that I was going to visit her today, Friday the 13th.

Of course I told her all of this and we laughed and laughed. Only as I typed this did I realize she came here on April Fools Day. We decided we should get together on every Friday the 13th and if they're too far apart, we'll get together in between too.

Since this is the world of Google and Wikipedia, I just checked and there are a minimum of one a year with as many as three. In 2009 two were in a row (if you guessed February and March, you are correct)! This is going to be fun!!

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