Saturday, May 14, 2011

couch potato or not

Bill is going to exchange our cable box today. He had to call in a couple weeks ago to have them push a button (with their right hand) to get the box in our house to stop showing the updating code and actually show us some cable. It worked, but while they were on the phone this nice Comcast man told Bill that we could upgrade our box. Ooh Shiny! We've cleared off the dvr and I took a minute to write down all the shows that we record, so that we don't miss any season finales.

I wrote down fifteen shows. That adds up to nine hours of tv that we watch every week. On the dvr. This does not include CSI that we watch through On Demand, the episodes of Biggest Loser I watch, the Formula 1 races, series that have started and may now be cancelled or the hour of Wheel and Jeopardy. And yet we still manage to walk 2.6 miles during the week, care for the yard (or something), eat yummy dinners and clean up.

Nine isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. But then I think of all the shows we watch that we don't record, but we just know when they're on. Often times we watch the reruns to catch up. Oie.

This is why I enjoy summer, less tv. I make it a point to not watch new shows, or even turn on the tv. By fall, I'm always ready for the new season, so maybe it all evens out in the end.


  1. You have to remember we gave up some this year, too. No more "The Good Wife" or "Parenthood"... I think there might be others, too. We aren't as bad as some people.

  2. No, but I didn't include "Ellen" or Triple D or the auctions, or any of the other random things we tune into... We're not too bad. I know.