Wednesday, May 30, 2012

workin' hard...

...for no money.

I went and helped at a Habitat House this morning. Sami (our Youth and Young Adults Leader) set up the date for the Young Adults group to help there today. I could only stay until noon because we had the repairman coming this afternoon to fix our dryer (again). 

We all worked hard.

The rest of the group worked in the basement while I stayed outside; chopping, digging and picking at two trees that had grown into the fence and needed to be removed.

The work had already been started. The hole was about a foot and a half deep. I dug deeper, finally getting under the main roots. I used the Sawzall to cut through the roots. I cleared the dirt out from under the roots and then, just like that * had one of the trees pulled out. The other one needed a little more cutting before I was finally able to pull it out too.

I walked over to the site because it was less than a mile from our house (0.86 miles to be exact). When we broke for lunch, I walked back. I had just missed the repairman.


I called the office and the very nice receptionist told me she would call him and send him back over.

He showed up within ten minutes. And then he fixed the dryer. 

The pile of laundry is growing smaller. Which is good, because it got pretty deep since it was clean sheet day on Friday when the dryer broke and, with Heather staying over the weekend, her bed needed fresh sheets. Then there's all the towels. First, ours from last week. Then, those added in from the weekend.

One broken dryer can sure make the laundry pile up quickly. 

I worked hard today. I just wanted to let you know that.

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