Thursday, May 31, 2012

it's time for making dinner with the ingredients we have...

...instead of using the ingredients the recipe calls for.

Tonight the recipe was: gnocchi, sweet corn and arugula in a cream sauce.

I made: pierogies, sweet corn and spinach in a cream sauce. 

In addition I added sauteed some onion in olive oil before making the cream sauce.

It was good. And basically still the same dish.

Do you agree that gnocchi and pierogies are the same thing, just from different countries? Okay, gnocchi is supposed to have ricotta; the addition of potato to gnocchi is a "recent innovation". While pierogie are always potato and are typically cooked with onion. (I get points for doing that, even though I didn't know it was the traditional way.) Both are called "dumplings", hence the similarity.

I am getting much better at being creative in the kitchen. I still can't whip up a dish out of nothing, like Bill's infamous Beef Burgundy, but I can figure out what will go with this or that and find things to try.

The trouble is remembering it for next time if we really liked it.


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