Friday, August 1, 2014

tacos, topiaries, and Tiffany

We had tacos for dinner. Actually we had nachos. But that doesn't work for alliteration.

We had shredded chicken, avocado, garlic cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, homemade salsa, more shredded cheese, lime juice, sour cream…

They were loaded nachos.

We took a walk after dinner.

Earlier, I was with Nancy in Kalamazoo. There is a topiary display throughout the city. It just went up today. We noticed a couple of them and walked around looking for more. I have pictures… they'll get posted later. They're not just ordinary topiaries. I'll leave you in suspense.

The real reason I went to see Nancy was to go to the K.I.A. (Kalamazoo Institute of Art, which by the way when googled comes up with Kia, the car. I was just telling Bill and was saying that art institutes have to be easier to find and that you don't need the periods. The example I then gave was Chicago Institute of Art. Or CIA. Sure, google that one…!)

I digress. We went to the K.I.A. to see the Tiffany exhibit. Louis Comfort Tiffany. There was a painting, lots of lamps, vases, and jewelry. It was impressive. I mentioned it in Wednesday's post. Unfortunately they did not allow photography. The lamps were incredible.

Those are the things I'm thankful for today.

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