Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh Hell

Michigan that is.

Yes, there's a Hell, Michigan and that's where we went today.


But my pictures are still on my camera, so Hell won't be seen by anyone else tonight.

Instead I'll tell you about our Hell-ish adventures.

Hey, the people who work there are all about the jokes. Maybe it's their version of being in Hell.

There is a lovely diner/ice "scream" parlor. That's where we ate lunch because the only other place to eat in Hell is the Dam Store.

The dam in Hell created Hi Land Lake from what appears to be the Portage River (based on the map I'm looking at). The entire town is encompassed by the Pinckney Recreation Area. The state park is 11,000 acres. It was a lovely drive on the highway to Hell.

It wasn't too hot in Hell today.

I'll stop until I post the pictures.

I'm just glad we made it out of Hell in one piece.

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