Sunday, August 10, 2014

What happens when you give the youth your camera

You get lots of selfies. And shadow photos. And really, really good pictures.

I'm impressed.

I'm also surprised that there are so few selfies. I expected more.

These pictures are from our trip to Meijer Gardens on Thursday.

Now I have to chose which ones to share since they took 97 really good pictures!

Shadow pictures with the plants.
 Everybody around the Marshall Fredericks fountain.
 Drew, Brian, Caleb, Jasmin and Taylor with Fred and Lena Meijer.
Drew and "Mad Mom"
 Pippa, Jasmin, and Francine.
 Can you guess which three took the shadow picture?
 Checking out the sculpture from all angles (this is from the ground, they all went and laid under it for a new perspective).
 Anyssa and Francine.
Checking out the koi in the pond
 Can we roll down the hill?
All together! Three, two, one… roll!

I really did enjoy seeing the gardens from their perspective. I wish they had taken more pictures! 

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