Thursday, August 14, 2014

a trio of goodbyes


I just finished reading a very good book. It was the book I've mentioned, "Clara and Mr. Tiffany; a novel". At least in my taste of fiction; it ranks high up there. And, as many readers know, it's always sad and difficult to say goodbye to characters when you're that into a book.

Of course it was a completely different sigh of relief when I finished Anna Karenina.

There's another sigh of goodbye today. We said goodbye to Rosie. My steel blue 2011 Fusion. She got inspected this morning and we dropped her off at noon. I had no idea I would have this difficult of a time saying goodbye to a car.

I would say that Bill made me this way, but he didn't. He does appropriately describe my behavior as, "You feel too much".

So true.

The last goodbye was to our cousin Mark and his son Zach. They were here visiting while on a midwest college tour. It was sort of a whirlwind visit since they got here Tuesday from I.U., spent yesterday checking out U of M and headed off today to visit State.

Of course we made it to Jersey Junction. We wouldn't have missed that opportunity.

But that was pretty much all we had time for.

I guess it's time to go make dinner. Before I feel too sorry for myself.

ps: we didn't have internet yesterday, so that's why I didn't blog.

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