Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We wrapped somewhere around forty book covers (front and back).

We enjoyed a drumming demonstration and danced again.

We (the Jr. High) went and got ice cream at D.Q.

I had a meeting and then stopped at Subway to get our sandwiches for Thursday.

People don't pay attention to t-shirts. I was wearing ours from last year. It says "FUMC Jr. High Youth" and has hands in a circle around the city skyline. I think it's graphically eye-catching.

The man behind the counter, who was making the sandwiches, asked if I was a teacher. I said, no, Jr. High Youth leader. He kept asking questions about us. I always like to brag about our students so I didn't mind his questions. I just couldn't understand what about my t-shirt he didn't get. On second thought, he probably couldn't see my t-shirt from where he was standing. I'm sure that was it.

Even though it's neon green.

Oh well, we know who we are. And now they do too.

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