Saturday, August 16, 2014

just out for a run...

Today was the BIG day. The 5k. The Mitchell's Run Through Rockford for Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. Lindsay ran with me. She has run in awhile. I told her not to worry that I'm pretty slow. My goal was to run it in 45 minutes. Yes, I can walk it in that time, but I had no idea what to expect. 

Would there be so many people that by the time we started it would take that long? 

I am not familiar with the course, would it feel longer and drag me down?

The only way to find out was to just do it. We registered, used the port-a-potty, and waited for the race to begin.

Which meant we took pictures. 
 Here's Lindsay. This is her, "I'm ready to run a 5k with no training recently" pose. 
I'm ready to go! 
 So was everyone else! Yikes.

We placed ourselves behind the 9 minute mile sign and ahead of the strollers and walkers (which always makes me think of actual walkers, the kind elderly people use, yet I know it means the pace at which people will be going… too funny). We decided not to stand too close to the 9 minute mile sign. Who were we kidding? 

The Michigan State women's volleyball team was there. That's not at all intimidating.

Along with cross-country teams from local schools. Good for them. We'll be back here. Pacing ourselves.

And so it began.

I started my FuelBand to keep track of our time. Of course I started it before we got to the start line. 

We started off strong, at a good steady pace. The State girls were in our sight for the first mile. We were passing people! I felt good. Around mile two, I asked Lindsay how she was doing and she said her stomach hurt a little, so we slowed our pace a bit. Mile three is along the river and is scenic, but it felt like a long stretch.

I checked my FuelBand. My normal pace is 42 (Fuel, I really don't know what that equates to… my arm movement???) and we were running at 45! Oh wow! 

It felt like a long time. 

And then we were at the end. I stopped my FuelBand. 32 minutes!!! Holy Cow! How did that happen? It felt so long, yet it did go by quick.

Deanna was great, she cheered us on at several spots along the route. She got great video. 
We did it. We survived. I have run a 5k. I will let you know my official time when that gets posted.

Then, after hanging out with Lindsay, Deanna, and Gary, I came home, showered and headed off to church for a wedding.

Just a typical Saturday.

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