Sunday, August 31, 2014


Be sure you go back (scroll down) and read yesterday's post. I wrote it today. I just didn't post-date it.

Today, after church and Bill's Big Breakfast, I worked on the gardens. I weeded the garden on the south side of the house.

Then I went behind the garage.


 This is the before.

I have completely neglected it. I don't see it, so it doesn't exist, right? This is partly why we want to move the garage back closer to the property line. We don't need this garden. It's not a secret garden so much as it's a jungle.

It's Atticus' hunting spot.

It's a tree farm. Want a Redbud? We'll sell you one. Or several.

Since we probably need a permit for selling trees on a small, urban lot, I just attacked the wild garden with a shovel. 

There were plants in there!

And lots of weeds. And lots of vines. Aggressive, thick vines.

It's also our dumping ground for large limbs (since the neighbor behind us doesn't like it when we burn dry wood in a container). Those large branches, etc are still back there. 
As you can see I did get a lot of it cleaned up.

Now it's time to relax. It's a holiday weekend!

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