Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I got my craft on

I have made a couple of cards. But I didn't want to post pictures of them until the recipients had received them for the very small chance that they read my blog and I didn't want to spoil it for them.

Card #1
For Lindsay and her mom for running and cheering me on at the 5k.
Card #2
For Jessica and her family for the loss of her grandmother.

I wasn't going to post pictures of the insides since I wrote personal messages, but decided it wouldn't do any harm to share them.

I have taken to using the internet and a certain card making catalog for simple style ideas. I do the best I can with what I have (which is more than enough, I just don't have the fancy thing that imprints patterns on paper but I can cut out almost any shape).

I have also taken over the dining room. Maybe when the guest room is finished I can move my scrapbook stuff to that desk. For now all of it is conveniently located at the dining room table.

I can see the tv from there.

I can listen to music.

I can stop by the kitchen for a bite to eat.

I am trying to keep it cleaned up when I'm not working on something.

I've given it a lot of thought and have decided that a sideboard/buffet would be a valuable piece of furniture. Until we go shopping to buy one of those (and I convince Bill that we should have one to hide my scrapbook stuff or finish the guest room pronto) I'll just make do with my piles set off to the side. (The table is a great work surface because there's so much surface space, I really don't want to move to a desk, I like the dining room.)

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