Wednesday, June 25, 2014

today's project with bottle caps

Last month, I blogged about a craft I made from the corks we have collected over the years.

We have also saved bottle caps from various beverages (cream soda, root beer, beer). I had the idea to glue the bottle caps onto the powder room door awhile ago. Today I did it.

Here's the half-way finished product.

I know we don't have enough to do the top half of the door. However, we do have enough to do the other side of the door.

That's for another day.

This took me two hours. By the end, my knees hurt and my butt was sore from sitting on the kitchen floor. I started out on an ottoman, but had to move off of it to reach further down.

It was fun and I like how it turned out. I'm thankful for creativity (no Pinterest for me)!