Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Outfits and icebergs

I'm practicing to be someone famous only without the money or the talent. I had five outfit changes today. Yes, five.

The first outfit change was after the capri pants I was wearing met an untimely end (just got dirty) when my flip flops flipped and flopped muddy parking lot water onto my backside.

Outfit number two was changed when I went to go clean the basement with super duper cleaning product. I didn't want to ruin my "good" clothes.

Outfit number three was exchanged for my running clothes.

The running clothes were replaced by lounge clothes.

Also, in case you're wondering, there is still ice on Lake Superior. It has all broken up and is mostly icebergs floating around the great lake, but still… it's June 11th and there's ice. Here is the link to the Memorial Day post, my favorite is the beer siting in the ice on the beach.

And because it happens ALL the time, the Detroit Tigers catcher, Avila, just got hit by a ball (he's batting). We aren't laughing at his misfortune, but it is uncanny how often he gets hit. It's rarely because he's crowding the plate; it's from a foul ball, when he's batting, or other random wild pitches or hits. Seriously, it happens at least once a game.

I'm thankful that I wasn't successful at being a catcher in softball. Dad tried, but I liked first base or short stop. I could not get used to having the batter that close. And now that I think about it years later, I have really good depth perception. I shouldn't have been afraid, but I was terrified.

It probably would have helped if I'd kept my eyes open.

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