Sunday, June 1, 2014

church, pies, open houses, dinner with friends

There you go. That's my day in the title of this post.

Oh? You wanted more detail than that?

We went to church. It was our last Confirmation class. As Bill and I were starting to watch the late Tigers game last night (it started at 10pm) we decided we could stay up a little late because church doesn't start until 10am, summer hours.

Then, around 10:30pm, I jumped up, exclaimed, "I have Confirmation class at 8:45am, I should have gone to bed already!" and dashed upstairs.

We had no problems making it to Confirmation this morning. I even woke up five minutes before the alarm went off.

Then, after church, we had our teacher appreciation. We had pies. Many, many pies.

From there Bill and I went to an open house. One of many, it's that season.

We came home for a short period of time in which Bill mowed the lawn and I took a 2.5 mile walk.

Then it was back in the car to another open house and then on to dinner with friends.

We had a busy day! And I managed to blog about it.

For today I am thankful for all of these things. Pies, desserts, milestone celebrations, and our beautiful group of friends.

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