Tuesday, June 24, 2014

my flower garden *with pictures!

I'm going to go out and take a few pictures of my garden and flowers. I planted them Memorial Day weekend and took photos then. I want to show how much they've grown (or lack thereof). It's been raining a lot. They will probably take off later this week. I'll take more pictures.

I wanted to go ahead and write otherwise I may forget. If you're lucky, I'll post pictures later tonight.

*Here you go!
In order we have:
the herbs from the greenhouse
 Same herbs in their pots
Herbs now 
(The flower pot with the seedlings is cilantro growing from seed. I just planted them last week!)
The herbs had to be separated to get more sunlight on the deck.
The dill is out of control. Need any dill?
 Now for the front yard.
The front flower bed right after it was planted.
 The front flower bed today. 
Note the cocoa mulch that has been spread. It keeps the slugs away. With all this rain, that is important! I wouldn't have any flowers today if I hadn't put down this mulch.
 It also makes it smell like chocolate after it rains. That is definitely a pleasant smell.

 Up close Tiger Lilies with Husker Red Penstemon in the background.
Now for the back flower bed. This used to have a rose planted in it. I absolutely loved the color of the rose (peachy orange to a yellow, my favorite combo). It had not bloomed much in recent years. This spring, I pulled the rose out because, well it had died. It came out very easily and there was not much root to it. I think the location was not ideal and it had not been cared for as well as it should have been (both by us and previous owners). We'll try roses again once we build a new garage. 

In the meantime, I planted a dahlia (far right), two petunias (middle), and a dianthus (far left).
 Here you can really see the dianthus doing well. The dahlia is also growing, but it doesn't have any blooms on it yet. I should give it some plant food.
 There you go. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Like I said, with all this rain, things should start to take off. I will take more pictures as things continue to bloom.

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