Thursday, June 12, 2014

My gardening skills

I finished the front flower bed today. So I'll post pictures of it from the beginning.

First, you'll recall I had to remove the grass that had overgrown it. You'll see the bed itself is outlined with a stone edge (on all sides).
 Yup, I removed all that grass. To give you an idea of how long it is, two SUV's park in front of the rock wall. Based on the length of the Flex, it's at least thirty feet.
 In the midst of digging on Monday.
 Most of the bed is four to five feet wide. Here, along the driveway, it curves around another five feet or so.
 The cars were to help with the length...
 I bought flowers and set them all out. They sure do look purdy!
 I did it, I dug it all out.
 See, all of it!
 Then there were these smallish rocks. So I got creative and made a few designs.
 Heather taught me how to make a little moat around each plant. This helps keep the dirt from washing away when they get watered.
 You can see some of the rocks along the edge of the wall. 
 Here you can see the rocks, "puddling" over an old tree stump.
 I'm trying to show the little rocks and the pattern I made.
 Oops, I didn't rotate the photo. 
And this is the far end, happy little plants!

What did I plant? Verbena, geraniums, petunias, bee balm, hosts, pincushions, daisies of some type, penstemen, and poppies. I'll have to go back next month and take another picture. Hopefully everything will be filled out by then.

Tomorrow (and maybe next week) I'll be back to work on the flower bed up by the house. I'm taking pictures of that too. 

Oh, and we'll also try to mulch this bed tomorrow.

I am thankful that I got it done! 

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