Saturday, June 14, 2014

Leaves of three

This morning, I decided to do some weeding in the backyard. Mostly it was in effort to rid myself of my ridiculous tan. There was also a small amount of weeds/tiny trees growing that needed to be uprooted.

Everything was going just fine. I had thrown my work gloves into the wash pile, so as I was weeding it, I was bare-handed.

Needless to say I learned a lesson. Don't garden without gloves. Ever.

Why? Poison Ivy. That's why.

I have never seen it in our yard before. Yet, there it was. As I was pulling weeds and tiny trees, it was hiding among them. It fooled me into pulling it. That's when I looked at it, saw the three leaves, the red centers and the vine and said, "Oh, poison ivy!"

I dropped it, went inside and rinsed my hands. Then I rinsed them some more. And then I washed them. I put on gloves, went outside and picked up the wicked foliage and threw it away. Then I went and washed my hands again.

This is only the second time I have ever gotten it. I had never seen it before the first time I accidentally touched it. That was at work camp in Bay City in 2009. I was pulling weeds then too. I seem to recall that I was wearing gloves. The other leader pointed at it and told me what it was. It had brushed my arm. We rinsed it off immediately. I had a small tingling on my arm for about a week. I resisted the urge to scratch it.The allergy pill that I take daily seemed to help then.

I was sort of surprised that I had never seen it before. All those years of going to church camp. If I had seen it, I didn't know it. I'm sure I never got into it.

I remember asking my dad what it looked like (since he's an Eagle Scout), but since he didn't have any to show me, he could only describe it. That was before the internet. He did a really good job. Maybe that's why I never got into any at camp. I avoided anything with three leaves.

I really need to remember to watch out for it. Especially since we have it in our yard now.

My finger is a little tingly and slightly swollen. I'm using an anti-itch cream for it. I hope it goes away fast since I rinsed it right away.

I guess I'm thankful I realized what it was and that I've learned my lesson to ALWAYS wear gloves.

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