Friday, June 13, 2014

strawberry time

The garden is all finished. I even mulched and got the rock wall weeded. Photos are on my camera, but I'm not moving to go get it tonight. You'll have to wait for pictures.

In the meantime, strawberries are ready for the picking. As part of my payment, Lynne gave me two pints (or are they quarts?) of fresh picked Michigan strawberries.

I have heard that a vinegar/water wash keeps them fresh longer. I googled it and found several blogs claiming this is true. I am trying it. The strawberries are currently drying. You air dry them so the vinegar dissipates.

I had some California strawberries that started to go bad so I did the vinegar wash this morning. I have since cut them up and put them in my water glass and I don't taste any vinegar, so that part worked.

Now I have to see if this actually keeps them fresher longer.

Either way, I'm excited and thankful for strawberries.

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