Thursday, June 26, 2014

card making creativity

Last night, as a continuation of my creativity, I went to a fellow Quotarian's house where we stamped cards. I've gone there before and posted my creations in a couple of spots (here and here).

The cards seemed to be a little more intense this time and I didn't finish a couple of them. It could have been that a friend went with me and we chatted. I can't do two things at once. It was either talk or stamp. Based on the amount I finished, I chose talk. Maybe the cards weren't anymore difficult than usual.

I have taken pictures and worked on finishing a few of them. I will finish the others and post their pictures all together.

I got a lot of good ideas and am excited to keep making cards.

I've really enjoyed my stay-cation/week off. I had lunch with a friend. I've been creative. I started removing the paint in the guest room. I've read (I'm almost finished with Anna Karenina!) and I've purposefully relaxed. I should do this more often.

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