Sunday, June 8, 2014

Take me out to the ball game...

Back at Christmas, Bill was sent an email from CMU to buy tickets to a Tigers game on June 6th as an alumni event. We asked our friends Chandra and Jason if they would like to come with us.

Friday, June 6th arrived and the four of us headed to Detroit (Motor City) to Comerica Park. We found the alumni reception where we each got our free popcorn and free CMU t-shirts. We had some refreshing beverages and then went out found out stadium seats.

There is no such thing as a bad seat in newer stadiums. We were along the third base line, well into outfield. There were only about four more sections to the end. We were also in the third tier. Again, not bad seats, we had a great view of the entire field. The down side only came when a ball was hit high; then perspective really threw us all off and we had a difficult time figuring out where it was going to land. Fortunately, the Tigers did not have that perspective and were able to make several easy catches.

My phone quickly died. But Chandra and Bill had theirs, so we have a few good pictures. Like this one.

Then there's this one.
 We were having way too much fun. Can  you see Jason in the background (just behind Bill's left ear) paying close attention to the game. I watched most of the game, but it is baseball. Talking is allowed.
And so are silly photos.

The Tigers beat the Red Sox 6-2. It was a great game with a couple of home runs. 

We stayed for the fireworks which were not disappointing. They were spectacular! And our seats were perfect. The majority of the fireworks were right at our level. It was a lovely evening.

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