Saturday, June 21, 2014

guess who was in town?


We saw them in concert tonight.

They played at Meijer Gardens. It's a beautiful venue, outside with terraced lawn seating. We went with our friends Jason and Chandra (you'll remember we went to the Tigers game with them two weeks ago).

This concert was the last one for this tour. The tour was promoting their recent album, "Rivers in the Wasteland". You'll recall Bill bought me their album and I blogged about it here.

It was a great night. It was a little breezy, a partly cloudy sky, and a beautiful setting. I did keep track of their set list. They played new songs and a few from older albums (but the most recent, not from the two oldest albums).

They closed the night with three encore songs. The last one being a song called, "More Heart, Less Attack". Bear, the lead singer, explained that after their last album and tour he and his brother, Bo, weren't speaking. They finally worked it out and made this album (it may have been during the making of this album, I don't remember exactly). At any rate, this song speaks volumes about their experience  and as the title says, can teach us all about being more kind.

It's not that they just sang this song, but it was the three original band members; Bear, Bo and Seth standing around a microphone with just their instruments. The entire audience got quiet. It was so quiet I could hear the birds chirping.

It was amazing.

They have ended other concerts doing the same thing with other songs. But it has never been so quiet. I was especially impressed because we were outside. At previous concerts, indoors, there has still been some kind of noise usually talking. But not last night.

I'm thankful for musicians and their talent especially Needtobreathe.

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