Sunday, June 15, 2014

The rest of the landscaping

I told you that I finished Lynne's yard on Friday. This is the section that I worked on Thursday and Friday, and at the very bottom of the post is the finished front bed with the cocoa mulch.

This smaller flower bed is to the left of her front door, under the living room window. I wanted to fill it with brighter flowers that she can enjoy from inside.
It had been tilled by her son, but you can see the grass was still invading the space. 
Katrina, her daughter, came out and dug it out for me.
I didn't do a great job with photos during the process. This flower bed required a paver wall be put back in place (Max had removed it when he tilled). 
 Here it is, ready for the pavers to be put back in place. Bill came and helped that day. He added in garden soil and peat. 
 And this is the finished product. This photo has an aster, a coral bell, a sun drop, zinnias and forget-me-nots.
Here is another coral bell, russian sage, and sedum.
All the little black spots are peat surrounding the zinnias and forget-me-nots that Katrina grew from seed. There is also another aster, sun drop, coral bell, russian sage and sedum.
Here's the front bed with the mulch.

The mulch really highlights those stones I dug out and placed into the semi-random patterns.
 Bonus, the cocoa mulch will help keep the slugs away!

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