Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The lights are bright...

(name that song!)

This morning I attended a Downtown Development Authority meeting.

The mayor was there. So were two tv cameras!

Good thing I dressed up.

I promise you that there was no exciting reason for me to be there (no, I'm not working on developing a historic property that will become a well-known commercial site). Perhaps I'll explain as the project moves forward now that the D.D.A. unanimously supported our decision. But for now I'll just refer back to an older post where I couldn't get out of the parking lot.

I made it out of the parking lot today. I think the reason I couldn't make it out before was because I de-magnetized my chaser card.


I guess you're really not supposed to put it near your mobile phone.

I did that day.

Today I did not.

I can only imagine how many of you I'm helping to get out of parking lot ramps with less hassle. It's what I do.

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