Monday, September 17, 2012

a photo essay

Or something like that.

Here are photos that I said I would post, you know, back when I took them.

But because this program is frustrating me (it loads the pictures backward from how you select them so while you go in order which is sometimes important for timelines, it loads them opposite and it is also currently refusing to move the photos... really?!) I'm going to also have to post the pictures in opposite order. In the end it doesn't really matter so here are the pictures.

This is the game, Turning Over a New Leaf (think team-building exercise).

This was balloon tag.
This is everyone (except Stacy who took the picture) with our art project!
Apparently I was lost in thought. With the scissors.
Ahh! They're attacking the camera!

These are pictures of the cherry pie I made for Emil.

I seriously am loving this new kitchen gadget...The end result! It was one of my best looking pies, despite the lighting.

That's all for now. I can't handle posting any more. Plus I don't remember what else I said I'd post.

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