Sunday, September 16, 2012

what will I find...

... on my camera.

This is going to be an adventure.

I let the other leaders take pictures at youth group tonight. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to find.

The youth worked on an awesome art project, they painted with their fingers and hands. It was super messy. Then we played silly games. Well, they played a few and we all played one together.

Google youth group games and you get a lot of choices. Some are brilliant, some are not.

Balloon tag. Brilliant.

We blew up enough balloons for each student to have two tied to each ankle (we tied them tight enough to not fall off but loose enough that no one had their circulation cut off) and then we walked out to the parking lot where they proceeded to play tag by popping each other's balloons.

There was waddling, dancing, prancing and hopping. It was highly entertaining.

They were good stewards and picked up all the pieces of balloons.

We played another game (no pictures were taken during this because everyone played) called "Zip Boing" (that is not the same names used in the version I found online). You sit (or stand) in a circle. One person starts by saying zip and looking or pointing at the person next to them. That person says zip and it moves around the circle. At any given time a person can say boing and reverse the whole thing.

Here's the catch; you can't show your teeth. If you do, you're out. Likewise, if you say zip or boing when it's not your turn, you're out.

It gets silly enough that you're laughing so hard it becomes almost impossible to not show your teeth.

So tomorrow I will find out what fantastic pictures were taken. I'll post a few of them on here to share. I am curious...

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