Friday, September 14, 2012

What I missed, Friday

Yesterday, I slept in. This weekend is going to be two days of getting up early and since we don't have children we get to do fun things like sleep in on whatever days we want.

Except that sleeping in for Bill usually means 7:15a and for me it's 8:00a. If I sleep past that, I can't fall asleep that night. What a predicament.

I also watched some Skit Guys videos. Man, do they make me laugh. This is now my job. As Jr. High youth director, I have chosen to use their material for Sunday school. So I get paid to watch these skits and laugh.

I'm okay with that.

Then, after a "date-night" dinner at Twisted Rooster, Bill and I went to celebrate Brent's 30th birthday at their new house. Since we had to get up early Saturday (see next post), we didn't stay too late.

But it was fun to actually be out, on a date, on a Friday night.

Okay, next post.

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