Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"work"ing out

I deserve bragging rights.

I was told the other day that I have nice legs.

Well let me tell you, there's a reason it's called working out. It is not easy and it is not about lounging around.

I've worked hard for these legs, so thank you.

Here is a picture of me after my run. I think you can tell just how sweaty I am. No, I did not just pour a bucket of water on my head. That is sweat.


(I don't sweat I glisten... like a pig)

My goal is to run (jog is the better description) a 5k. By no particular date, perhaps next summer. We'll see how the winter goes.

There are all kinds of things I've learned about running.

Keep your mouth closed, unless you want bugs flying in it. But keeping your mouth closed will most likely cause you to hyperventilate so you really should breathe through your nose and mouth.

Stay to the right.

I believe you should wear a shirt over your sports bra, the bra itself is not clothing. But that's just me.

Take a tissue with you (that is what mopped up most of the sweat pre-photo, yes it was worse).

And the all-important answer to the big question: running is where I get most of my ideas for blogging. Oh the ideas. They just come to me.

Most of them escape my mind as quickly as they entered. There are a handful that make it here. This is one of them. Although there were more things I learned, at least that I had thought of in the last quarter mile, those didn't make it to this post. Maybe I'll remember them at some point.

In the meantime, thanks for liking my legs they took a lot of work.

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