Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I missed, Thursday

Okay, I missed some days blogging.

Here's what happened Thursday:

After dinner, Bill and I went and watched Forest Hills Northern play Forest Hills Eastern in girls volleyball. It's a huge rivalry. They play best of five.

Northern came out and won the first match. It had been close, passing the points back and forth.

After that, Eastern dominated. They played the back of the court and the net. Even though their girls were shorter, they could get the ball over the net.

We were there to watch/support Sarah, one of the high school youth from our church. She played very well. Considering I have seen her play since she was in 7th grade, I sort of got a lump in my throat watching her again Thursday night. She's a senior. She used to be the tallest girl on the team, now she's just one of the tall girls on the team.

It's fun to watch them grow up. It's also fun to support them and watch their sport/music/theater events.

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