Tuesday, September 11, 2012

five minute post

I have a banana bread in the oven that will be ready to come out in five minutes.

Last night I baked a cherry pie. It was Emil's last dessert of the month. I took pictures, those will have to get posted later.

It was a lot of fun pitting the cherries. Although it looked more like I had murdered them. The pitter, which has a shield, worked like magic. I can't wait to buy olives.

Back to the cherries. They were a bit juicy. That meant that juice was all over my hands, the table and basically everywhere. Cherry juice is a dark red. Fortunately it does not stain.

I wondered how I was going to try to explain that at church today...

The banana bread is because I bought bananas for Sunday school (I also had grapes, apples and danish, why am I surprised that I had leftovers of everything except the danish -I'm not really surprised, I expected that).

It smells divine in our house.

And my timer has gone off. This was not a five minute post. Nor is it a scented-blog... don't you wish? Cinnamon. The house smells like baking cinnamon. Yum.

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