Monday, September 3, 2012

northern lights...

It's all Bill's fault.

We don't live in Scandinavia therefore we missed the solar flares that were visible earlier this morning. They appeared in the form of Northern Lights.

I just tried to find the same picture that Bill had shown me but alas, cannot find it.

Search engines sometimes drive me bonkers.

But solar flares are pretty.

And it's Bill's fault that we missed the one this morning.

Just because we live in Michigan.

*Editor's note: it's not really his fault. I just needed something to blog about...

I also probably didn't need to tell you that. But felt compelled to. It's the mood I'm in...

Tired, three-day weekend, shootings near our house kind of mood.

See? I could have blogged about all of that. But who wants to read about that (when you can watch it on the news) when I can write nonsense about not living in Scandinavia.

Okay, I'm finished now... get it? Finn-ished...

Oh boy. Okay. Now I'm done.

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