Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summertime events

We save things on the DVR to watch during the summer months when our favorite shows are on reruns. A side note: there will come a day when kids don't even know what that's like. There will be new shows on constantly plus the addition of streaming everything online is changing how we view tv.

So we've saved some shows. As I told you last week, I saved the end of the Desperate Housewives series. But instead of watching those shows, we're watching baseball. This, of course, will change tomorrow with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Neither will last forever, so we feel that we must watch them now. We feel it necessary to enjoy these sports as they happen.

We should be sitting outside enjoying the summer. Bill predicted it would be the wettest summer on record because we purchased the new patio furniture. Instead it has been too hot.

We will continue to be couch potatoes. Maybe next year will be the year we watch less tv...

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