Friday, July 6, 2012

one hot day

It must be the heat.

That's all we can mutter.

We just had the sliding glass door replaced in the kitchen. I have pictures, but it's not finished yet, I'll post them at the end.

Yesterday they removed the door and left a 6 ft. x 8 ft. hole in the kitchen.

It was lunchtime.

They got the new door put in place after lunch. By which point the entire house had heated up nicely to 83 degrees.

I had managed to keep the hot air in the kitchen by closing the door from the living room to the kitchen and by aiming the stick fan at the kitchen from the dining room.

It actually worked.

You could feel the difference in temperature as you walked from the "open-air" kitchen into the dining room.

But once the door was in place, it didn't matter much.

I think the house has finally cooled off after a record setting 104 degree day today.

I would go and drink an nice large glass of ice water, but an ice cube got stuck which prevented any ice from being made over night, so our ice content is low.

It'll be full tomorrow.

Instead I'm just going to go sit in front of the fan.

Stay cool.

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